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Discover the world of modern reproductive technologies in Georgia

IFV Tours Georgia offers you the opportunity to receive a full-service in-vitro fertilization package, which includes examination, treatment, as well as the option of participating in our donation and surrogacy programs. The package also includes airport transfer and choice of accommodations (apartment or hotel). We also provide you with a mobile phone for contacting the doctor.

At the Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine ReproART, we treat infertility using Assisted Reproductive Technologies. We offer a highly-skilled team of physicians, an ultra-modern embryology laboratory, the lowest prices on the market, and most importantly, results on par with the world's leading centers for in vitro fertilization.

We want to ensure that your time in Georgia is pleasant and unforgettable. So, during the time you have between examinations, we offer educational tours in Tbilisi and throughout Georgia, to help you better acquaint yourself with Georgian culture and history. This is also a great opportunity to explore the wonderful flavors of Georgian cuisine and sample our national wines.




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