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IVF TOURS GEORGIA  is a medical tourism organization welcoming and facilitating travel and IVF treatment in Georgia for infertile couples.

Surrogate and Egg-Donor Database

IVF Tours Georgia boasts a diverse surrogacy and donation database. This enables couples to select a surrogate or donor mother that best suits their requirements. To access the database, please fill out our application and e-mail it to info@ivftoursgeorgia.com

24/7 Patient Management

To simplify communication, IVF Tours Georgia brings together a team of professional managers fluent in different languages. This way, we are putting in place additional comfort for our international patients.Our patients team up with their personal managers who are standing by 24/7 throughout every phase of the cycle to plan their IVF tours to Georgia.

Affordable IVF Treatment

Because prices truly matter to IVF tourists, we are consistent in working on cost optimization, offering a variety of service packages at maximally affordable prices. Notably, the cost of living in Georgia is quite affordable. A full tour with us, at the same time, is 50-30 percent of the cost for the same services in other countries. All of this makes Georgia, as an IVF tourist destination, your best choice for treating infertility.

Latest Methods

IVF Tours Georgia is partners with the ReproART Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine, an organization focusing on both female and male reproductive health, with its main direction revolving around studying and treating all types of infertility, including IVF as one of its key areas. In terms of treatment results, the ReproART Center easily vies with many acclaimed clinics in the US and Europe.

24/7 constant contact every step of the way

Our personal managers, as trusted confidants of our patients, protect all of their rights and assist them

in a timely, successful and cost-efficient completion of their IVF treatment during their stay in Georgia.

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