I helped a couple once and now they have a healthy child. I am committed to helping other childless couples make their dreams come true –Egg donor

I have already donated eggs twice and I am very happy about it. Both the doctors and the coordinators are extremely attentive – Egg donor

A cool center with high-class doctors <3 – Eg donor

It is my first time with the egg donation program. The team is very friendly. They explain the program’s every stage in detail. It feels like a company of best friends standing by you in every way – Egg donor

I strongly recommend the donation program now that I am convinced that it is a safe and, more importantly, brief procedure that lasts only 5 months tops after selection – Egg donor

I was paid on the day of aspiration which was very convenient- Egg donor

It is the best feeling to know that you have helped someone have a child. It is sheer happiness indeed – Egg donor

Engagement in the donation program was no easy decision. I studied tons of information before coming to you. From the outset of the program, however, I knew it was the right decision. Thank you for your hard work. I will be more than happy to work with you again – Egg donor

In 2016, I decided to become a surrogate mother, a decision made jointly by me and my family. Nine months later, a healthy and lovely boy, Daniel, was born. I thank God for this opportunity to share this happiness with people who had only dreamed about having a child – Surrogate mother

I am a two-time successful participant of your surrogacy program! I feel safe with you. Communication with the coordinators is easy; they are attentive and caring, standing by you 24/7 – Surrogate mother

It is a two-way street—the couple helps your family grow stronger and you help their family multiply – Surrogate mother

I decided to become a surrogate mother because of financial issues. As the program kicked off, I felt relieved. Your pay is high, you are always paid on time and, most importantly, you are in good hands – Surrogate Mother

On my first day at the agency, the coordinators explained in detail my rights and obligations, defining financial issues in the contract to the letter and the whole program proceeded in line with the contract – Surrogate mother

I will never forget the expression on the couple’s faces when they first saw their own child. That alone is worth becoming a surrogate mother – Surrogate mother

I have completed the program and I am grateful to you for your solidarity although I do have a suggestion that I hope you will take into account. We pregnant women are always anxious when we are examined by the doctor so maybe you could shorten the waiting period – Surrogate mother


Your services are excellent although it would be great if remuneration were even higher — Surrogate mother

A big thank you to the agency’s team for 9 months of unconditional care. My program has proved a success. I only have one request that I hope you will take into consideration. It would be nice to have couples visit surrogate mothers more often. In my case, it happened only twice, in the fifth month of pregnancy and on the day of childbirth – Surrogate mother