egg donor Program - Stages

Egg donor Program in Georgia: Full Cycle Overview 


Egg Donor Program – Initial contact

It is very easy to put this process in motion. All you have to do is get in touch with our international patient coordinator via telephone or e-mail to exchange the necessary information. At the next stage, if necessary, a Skype appointment with the doctor may be scheduled.


Contract execution

After coordinating and agreeing service terms, the couple and IVF Tours Georgia will sign the service contract. Please see sample contract.


Service payment

After the execution of a contract, the agency is remunerated for its services based on an established time period.


Egg donor selection

Our agency will select an egg donor best meeting your physical characteristics.

After the execution of a contract, to access the donation database, you will receive your passcode to select a donor of your choice.


Medical examination of egg donors

After selecting an egg donor, our partner organization, the ReproART Center, will start a thorough medical examination of the donor. The egg donor will complete special tests defined in the internal standards of our partner center. The cost of the examination is covered by the couple at the ReproART Center.

After an egg donor is evaluated positively by the ReproART doctor, the donor will be considered acceptable for the couple.


Preparation of future mothers and egg donors with medications

After having selected an egg donor, the menstrual cycles of the egg donor and the future mother are synchronized so that the embryo may be transferred into the future mother’s uterus with a properly prepared endometrium.

If endometrial preparation for a future mother takes place in Georgia, the waiting period is 14-16 daysalthough she can prepare in her home country under the supervision of a reproductive endocrinologist of her choice. In such case, the ReproART reproductive medical doctor and the patient’s doctor of choice maintain constant contact and treatment with medications and monitoring are carried out jointly.


Egg Donor Program – Visit to Georgia

The selection of an acceptable egg donor marks the beginning of your initial tour to Georgia.

The initial visit includes:

  • Male sperm collection
  • Completion of the donor egg aspiration procedure
  • Embryo transfer into the future mother’s uterus
  • The couple or an authorized person acting on their behalf are expected to visit Georgia to sign a service contract with IVF Tours Georgia
  • In parallel, a medical service contract is signed with the ReproART Center

The couple’s stay in Georgia will last 3 to 5 working days, just enough time to take care of all of the administrative procedures. The patient coordinators for IVF Tours Georgia will assist you every step of the way, ensuring the timely and successful completion of your egg donation program.


Egg aspiration procedure

As ovarian follicles grow sufficiently enough, follicle aspiration is performed on the donor, a procedure lasting only 15-30 minutes. After a few hours of rest under the doctor’s supervision following the procedure, the patient is discharged to return to her everyday activities. A follow-upultrasound test is done a week later and the doctor examines the patient.


Honoraria for egg donors

Egg donors are remunerated on the day of the aspiration procedure or no later than 3 business days from the day of aspiration procedure, as defined in the contract.


Egg Donor Program – Visit to Georgia

An embryo transfer procedure is scheduled 7-10 days after the aspiration procedure.Couples have theunique chance to use this period for planning an unforgettable journey to Georgia and visits throughout its diverse and mesmerizing regions.


Embryo transfer

The embryo transfer procedure on the future mother is performed at the ReproART Center. The best embryo is transferred into the future mother’s uterus with a thin catheter in 3-5 days after fertilization under ultrasound monitoring. This painless procedure takes only a few minutes. After embryo transfer, the patient is discharged to return to her everyday activities and travel back home.


Successful pregnancy

A pregnancy test is performed in 9-11 days after the transfer of the embryo.

There is more! We offer you an alternative process to further simplify the procedure for you and help you save even more!

If a couple cannot travel to Georgia for egg donor program, the legal aspect can be completed by their authorized person who will sign the contract on their behalf.

In such case, the biological sample (frozen sperm) of the future father must be delivered to Georgia prior to the aspiration procedure. As for the couple, they can arrive in Georgia as late as the day of embryo transfer (into the future mother’s uterus) and their stay in the country will last between 1 and 3 working days.