How to become a surrogate mother in Georgia?

Become a surrogate mother

Thank you for your interest in becoming a surrogate mother!

With your help, yet another family will claim its fair share of happiness! Being a surrogate mother is an immense responsibility and a noble act allowing you to give infertile families a real chance at parenthood.

To step up application processing, we have developed a user-friendly and safe e-application form easily accessible for interested couples.

Approving a surrogate mother

If you decide to become a surrogate mother, please familiarize yourself with our surrogacy program, surrogacy process and frequently asked questions prior to filling out your application.

The process of surrogate mother selection consists of several stages:

  • Submission of the application by interested/potential surrogate mothers;
  • Review and approval of the application by the IVF Tours Georgia team (2 working days);
  • Direct interview with surrogacy coordinators (5 working days);
  • Appointment with the ReproART doctor for ultrasound examination to assess the prospective surrogate mother’s uterus (1 working day).

After the completion of these stages, your information will be added to the surrogacy database to be accessible to interested couples. IVF Tours Georgia surrogacy and donor coordinators will contact you to launch the surrogacy program after the selection of a donor by a given couple.

The best of luck to you!

ReproART Clinic 

American Standards Of Care

Where will I give birth?

The maternity hospital and obstetrician are selected by the couple on the recommendation of the ReproART reproductive endocrinologist – IVF Tours Georgia