Egg Donation Program in Georgia

The donor care team assists couples in going through administrative procedures and regulating medical management issues and the IVF Tours Georgia team provides this assistance and information support 24/7 and remains in charge of information exchange through each and every stage of the process.

Egg donation is an integral part of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and engaging egg donors to assist future parents may become necessary for a number of reasons.The egg donation program is recommended when the egg fails to mature in the future mother’s body or the quality of the eggs precludes a possibility of pregnancy. The egg donor, in such cases, gives her egg to the future mother to have a child. Egg donation involves the retrieval of the donor’s egg, a procedure called aspiration (not implantation), with the fertilized egg, the embryo, subsequently transferred into the future mother’s body.

During the egg donation program, the menstrual cycles of the egg donor and the patient are synchronized so that the embryo may be transferred into the future parent’s uterus with a properly prepared endometrium.

This process is performed by our partner organization, the ReproART Center, where treatment meets the highest American standards.

Filling out an egg donor application is a very simple procedure, with full confidentiality guaranteed, as the donor remains anonymous throughout the entire process of egg donation.

Egg Donation Program – Ovarian stimulation with medications

Normally, women produce one egg per menstrual cycle. To achieve successful treatment with the help of the latest Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), however, it is recommended to have several eggs which is made possible by administering the latest hormone medications (gonadotropins) that ensure ovarian stimulation with drugs. Ovarian stimulation with medications is also known as controlled ovarian stimulation (COA).

The medications are used for two purposes: to ensure the maturing of multiple follicles, which increases the chances of generating eggs, and control ovulation timing in order to receive a mature egg and ensure against premature ovulation.

The medications must be taken for a period of 7-13 days with their dosage and exact duration depending on the health, age, weight and other characteristics of the donor.The growth of follicles is monitored through ultrasound and laboratory testing.

The date (day) for follicle removal is scheduled by the doctor depending on their size. To trigger ovulation, medication is administered to the donor and the eggs are removed within 34-36 hours after the final injection.

The medications (Puregon, Gonal F, Menopour and others) used for ovarian stimulation are tried, approved and safe. Similar to any other drugs, these also may have side effects, such as allergic reactions and pain, irritation or swelling after injection, and so they must be taken according to a doctor’s instructions and under his supervision. Sometimes, ovarian hyperstimulation; that is, enlargement of the ovaries, may occur, a condition accompanied by stomach pain and discomfort or pain in the ovaries. Notably, however, no complications of this kind have ever been recorded at the ReproART Center as the preventive measures practiced here successfully protect both donors and patients from the threats associated with hyperstimulation.This is why the qualifications of the responsible reproductive clinic and its personnel can make a difference. The partnership between IVF Tours Georgia and the ReproART Center certainly does ensure protection from complications for couples and donors alike.

Egg Donation Program

The blue-ribbon equipment employed at ReproART, along with its American standards and well-trained and experienced personnel, ensure the safety of treatment for donors and couples throughout the egg donation process. The prevention programs and treatment standards observed at the center enable it to avoid conditions in donors and future mothers that may require medications that can worsen or damage their health. To rule out even the slightest possibility of any complications, ReproART conducts a full set of comprehensive testing.

The monitoring of the process of egg donation at the ReproART Center is carried out by the center’s experienced medical personnel using two monitoring methods: ultrasound testing and laboratory testing.

Egg Donation Program – Process

As the ovarian follicles grow sufficiently enough, follicle aspiration is performed, a safe procedure to which patients respond very well.

The follicle aspiration procedure proper lasts 15-30 minutes with women patients put to sleep using IV anesthesia, this way making the egg cell aspiration a painless and safe procedure. After a few hours of rest under the doctor’s supervision following the procedure, the patient is discharged to return to her everyday activities. A follow-upultrasound test is done a week later and the doctor examines the patient.

Egg donor remuneration fluctuates between USD 1,000 and 1,500. Once selected, donors receive their remuneration in about X days after completing the medical procedures.


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