Surrogate Mother Program

Entering the Program

There are several reasons for engaging surrogate mothers in the process of treatment to help future parents, including but not limited to

  • Absence of the uterus due to inherent defects and uterine malformations (including Rokitansky syndrome/agenesis and others)
  • Absence of the uterus after its amputation or extirpation through hysterectomy or surgery
  • Diseases threatening to complicate health conditions or cause death in pregnant women (diabetes mellitus, systemic diseases, kidney failure, oncological diseases and others)
  • Failed surgical interference (damage to endometrium basalis and functional layers, Asherman’s syndrome)
  • Multiple uterine fibroids at different locations
  • Several failed IVF attempts
  • Repeated self-inflicted abortions

Thus, engaging a surrogate mother in the treatment of certain couples appears to be the only way to enable them to have their own children. The IVF Tours Georgia team ensures the selection of a surrogate mother and her medical care in partnership with the ReproART Center.

If the doctor specializing in reproductive medicine, after having examined an infertile couple, prescribes assistance from a surrogate mother, the couple, in coordination with their IVF Tours Georgia personal managers, can choose a suitable surrogate mother from the IVF Tours Georgia database.

Many women, in opting to become surrogate mothers, are driven by an altruistic motivation of helping infertile couples make their dreams of becoming parents come true. The IVF Tours Georgia team, for its part, seeks to identify and locate such women willing to help infertile couples make this dream come true.

The IVF Tours Georgia team has quite a vast database of surrogate mothers and donors which is updated on a regular basis. In cases of surrogacy, the database stores information about women 20-35 years of age who have one or more children of their own.

One of the key advantages of IVF Tours Georgia is its close cooperation with the ReproART Georgian-American Center which involves consistent and coordinated teamwork between the ReproART medical personnel and the IVF Tours Georgia’s coordinators for surrogate mothers.  The team for surrogacy care consists of the surrogacy coordinator, the ReproART professional medical specialist and the coordinator for patient relations who are in charge of surrogacy treatment and administrative processes related to the contract, payment, scheduling medical appointments and others.

The IVF Tours Georgia team of personal managers has years of experience in this area with its members being quite familiar with process management from the selection of a future surrogate mother through childbirth.

Our surrogate mothers are committed to carrying the fetuses and ensuring all of the necessary conditions for them throughout pregnancy alongside scrupulously following the instructions and prescriptions from their doctors and with the personal managers for IVF Tours Georgia playing a vital role in this process.They make sure that the doctors’ instructions and prescriptions are properly followed, monitor the process of scheduling doctor’s appointments, ensure the provision of necessary medications and maintain a 24/7 constant communication and contact.

Surrogate mothers maintain constant contact with the surrogacy coordinator of IVF Tours Georgia who helps them fill out applications, provides them with information about all of the procedures and ensures their full comfort throughout the surrogacy process

Surrogate Mother – Preperation

The surrogacy care team assists couples in going through administrative procedures and the medical process management. In ensuring information support 24/7, the IVF Tours Georgia team is responsible for information exchange at any given moment. The IVF Tours Georgia team of coordinators is engaged in nearly every stage of the process, helping couples in the successful management of the surrogacy program and fulfilling their dream of becoming parents and having their own children.

Surrogate Mother – Procedures

As ovarian follicles grow sufficiently enough, follicle aspiration is performed on the future mother, a procedure lasting only 15-30 minutes. After a few hours of rest under the doctor’s supervision following the procedure, the patient is discharged to return to her everyday activities. A follow-up ultrasound test is done a week later and the doctor examines the future mother.

The best embryo is transferred into the future mother’s uterus with a thin catheter in 3-4 days after fertilization under ultrasound monitoring. This painless procedure takes only a few minutes.

In cases of successful IVF procedures, embryos are kept in the laboratory for a period between 2 and 5 days or sometime even up to 6 days. On the 5th day, the embryo develops into a blastocyst, this process allowing for the selection and transfer of 1-2 embryos, which is done to avoid multifetal pregnancy that is harmful for the mother and the fetus. The remaining embryos are frozen and may be used for achieving pregnancy in the future.

A pregnancy test is performed on the 9th-11th days after embryo transfer.

Surrogate Mother – Administrative Issues

The legal procedures pertaining to surrogacy in Georgia are very simple. Importantly, the couple must be familiar with the surrogacy and donation laws in their respective countries and have information about the mechanisms for transporting their future children from Georgia. This information must be obtained from immigration lawyers in their own countries or their consulate.In addition, the IVF Tours Georgia team is standing by to provide them with information about Georgia’s legal procedures at any given stage of the process.

“I will never forget the expression on the couple’s faces when they first saw their own child. That alone is worth becoming a surrogate mother” – Surrogate Mother 


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